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Happy New Year, World!


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Shopping for smokes at Head HQ: Nelsens Grocery 325 West Galer, Seattle Wa.

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Kind of working on the funny stuff update. Watched two Texas Storage Wars and two Tosh.0’s tonight with KTG and Touch. Might play Super Mario Bros Wii with Tuly next weekend.

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Little John and The Monks “Black Winds”

Big D and I heard this Monday on KMCQ. They may be playing commercials now but KMCQ is blowing minds! Even Big Jim Martin wouldn’t play this one.

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Leaving Salsomaggiore

Had breakfast with Franz and John and loaded up the gear we left at the club. John’s a great guy. Go to the Devil’s Den if you’re ever in Salsomaggiore. Head with John   Franz and John. POWERFIST!    

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Even more from Sarnico

Franz has some business to take care of so we’re relaxing at the Barcella manor. They’ve got wifi which has been spotty so better post while I can. Touch and Tulu checking email Franz also hipped us to sanpelligrino chino … Continue reading

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Head @ Paratico & Sarnico

We stayed our first night in Paratico. The hotel is located on top of a pizza restaurant so we ordered pizzas and ate them while watching Walker Texas Ranger dubbed in Italian. The hotel is to the right of the … Continue reading

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Head at record pressing plant

On the way to the hotel we went with Franz to pick up the split 7″ at the record pressing plant.    

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Italy here we come!

  Waiting for boarding to go down. Check back in 11 hours for picture of us eating at Wendy’s @ Amsterdam airport.

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Calvary Greetings to our friends in Guyana!

Checking out the stats page tonight I noticed we had people from Guyana checking out the site today! I always felt we had a strong following there. Thanks for visiting, world!

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