Shopping for smokes at Head HQ: Nelsens Grocery 325 West Galer, Seattle Wa.


Hi. We're Head. How's it going? We're from Seattle. We've been kicking around the hardscrabble streets of Queen Anne Hill since 1990. Head consists of Ree Ree on Bass/Vocals, Touch on Guitar and Tulu on Drums. The Giggles was a full time member of the band up until 1999 when he got his head screwed on straight and went into the Head Army Reserves. We've put out several records on our imprint Evil Clown Records as well as records on Steve Priest Fan Club, Regal Select and Goner. We average about 3 or 4 shows a year. 2011 we played 2 shows. Looks like 2012 will be more than that. I'll believe it when I see it.
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  1. A true story: In my dream last night I was studying at a library, and across from my table sat a group of women in their 30s, and they were all singing “Spend the Night Alone”. I engaged them in conversation, asking if they were indeed singing the hit by The Fatal Charm. They answered in the affirmative! Suddenly over the PA the HEAD version of the song began to play, That’s when I realized that Ree Ree was working as a desk clerk and had cued up the song just in time. I chatted with Ree and found out that he’d just moved to a crappy apartment in my area and was holding down 2 jobs to support his lifestyle – at the library and at Jack In The Box. I wanted to ask him to start a band, but the timing just didn’t seem right. END

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