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Hi. We're Head. How's it going? We're from Seattle. We've been kicking around the hardscrabble streets of Queen Anne Hill since 1990. Head consists of Ree Ree on Bass/Vocals, Touch on Guitar and Tulu on Drums. The Giggles was a full time member of the band up until 1999 when he got his head screwed on straight and went into the Head Army Reserves. We've put out several records on our imprint Evil Clown Records as well as records on Steve Priest Fan Club, Regal Select and Goner. We average about 3 or 4 shows a year. 2011 we played 2 shows. Looks like 2012 will be more than that. I'll believe it when I see it.

The Tripwires, Yes Masters, Head – Friday Aug 30th

Now this is a show we are playing. Parliament Tavern in West Seattle. Come check it out

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Aug 1st show at funhouse is a different Head

Looked them up on the ‘gram – They describe themselves as a Tacoma based alt-hard rock band. If you dig alt-hard rock, that head might be your kind of bag.

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Left Innsbruck bright and early for Fidenza. The tour van had more stuff in it as we went along because we were given stuff to transport back to Otis Tour’s home base. Today we also made a stop to pick … Continue reading

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The restaurant in the hotel we stayed at in Heidelberg was unbelievable. It looks like they decorated it in 1974 then locked the doors and walked away. Lots of orange and avocado colors. The jukebox had smokie, shocking blue and … Continue reading

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Heil Heidelberg!

We had no idea what to expect tonight but we were pleasantly surprised. Forces came together between an enthusiastic crowd, great sound and a solid set to make a perfect last show in Germany. On to Innsbruck tomorrow. Our tour … Continue reading

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More sightseeing in Münster before three hour drive to Heidelberg. Just checked in to the hotel that has a tv in the room for only the second time this tour. If that wasn’t good enough news, we stumbled across an … Continue reading

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Left the hostel from hell and went to a more scenic area of Antwerp for a few hours before heading to Münster. Another rough night. Fighting sound problems most of the set. As I rained blows upon the sound man, … Continue reading

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