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Hi. We're Head. How's it going? We're from Seattle. We've been kicking around the hardscrabble streets of Queen Anne Hill since 1990. Head consists of Ree Ree on Bass/Vocals, Touch on Guitar and Tulu on Drums. The Giggles was a full time member of the band up until 1999 when he got his head screwed on straight and went into the Head Army Reserves. We've put out several records on our imprint Evil Clown Records as well as records on Steve Priest Fan Club, Regal Select and Goner. We average about 3 or 4 shows a year. 2011 we played 2 shows. Looks like 2012 will be more than that. I'll believe it when I see it.


Drove six hours from Hamburg to Kortrijk Belgium and played a club called The Pits. Anyone who followed the garage / budget rock wave of the early 90’s will remember the mummies/ supercharger live at the pits 7″. Tiny room … Continue reading

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Mach Schau!

When we walked back to the club we could hear Lene Lovich doing “New Toy”as we came inside. We wound up talking to Derv for awhile which was great. Later while killing time in the back, Lene Lovich and another … Continue reading

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I think the club is called Molotow. Lene Lovich is playing the main room and we’re with Derv upstairs. It’s down the street from a bunch of sex clubs. We walked back to the hotel and passed the Kaiserkeller where … Continue reading

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Went to the Ramones Museum which was very impressive. Flo has amazing stuff on display including the poster from the Norway Center on Queen Anne from 1979. He even hung out at Johnny’s apt in New York and his house … Continue reading

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guten Tag

guten Tag – new 3 song 7″ by HEAD on Evil Clown Records available at the Derv Gordon show tonight.

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Trip to jolly olde England

On our way to the rock concert in Berlin, we stopped off in England to check out the punk situation. Turns out it’s the same as Seattle: dead end yobs on the dole. We also took time to broker peace … Continue reading

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Heil Head double lp

This happened. Reverse Engineered the cd. Fly over to Europe and pick one up. We don’t have it.

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