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Head at record pressing plant

On the way to the hotel we went with Franz to pick up the split 7″ at the record pressing plant.    

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Italy here we come!

  Waiting for boarding to go down. Check back in 11 hours for picture of us eating at Wendy’s @ Amsterdam airport.

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Calvary Greetings to our friends in Guyana!

Checking out the stats page tonight I noticed we had people from Guyana checking out the site today! I always felt we had a strong following there. Thanks for visiting, world!

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We Dood It!

Kenny called in sick but we were able to finish 9-3. Since we were feeling prideful, we decided to push on to 9-4. That didn’t work so well.   Here is photographic documentation of Tulu celebrating finishing the level. Who … Continue reading

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The countdown has begun!

It’s less than two weeks away from the first show in Italy. Please come check out one of our shows if you can. We’re bringing merch and the split 7″ with the Manges will be available as well. We hope … Continue reading

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I can’t believe we are going to miss this!

While researching where the McDonalds of Northern Italy and Austria are, I stumbled across this news. Leave it to the good people of Austria to beat us at our own game. The McRibster sandwich!!!! ┬áChomp! Unfortunately, it will be gone … Continue reading

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Head at Graceland

Taken the day we played Gonerfest 4, Sept 29 2007.

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