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La Spezia

We did a sound check as soon as we got into town after the long drive from Villadossala. Diego dropped us off at the hotel for a few hours before heading back to the club for pizza with the High … Continue reading

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Franz had to go do shows with his band so he left us in the capable hands of his business partner Diego. We walked around Genova for a few hours during which it started to rain. This turned out to … Continue reading

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We got to the hotel around 6:30 and one of the rooms wasn’t ready. It still wasn’t ready when it was time to leave for the club. No bathroom in the room, just a bidet! Gross!! It’s what a European … Continue reading

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This is the first show Franz has ever booked in the town. It was held at some communist club. No joke. They had some hot pics of Mao, Lenin, Ho Chi Minh and that Che dude that all the college … Continue reading

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Leaving Salsomaggiore

Had breakfast with Franz and John and loaded up the gear we left at the club. John’s a great guy. Go to the Devil’s Den if you’re ever in Salsomaggiore. Head with John   Franz and John. POWERFIST!    

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Devil’s Den wrap up

I guess Sunday shows start early. The Photogenics played around 7:30 and we played around 8:30. We’re still trying to figure out the locals taste for music. “Spend the night alone” gets the best crowd response by far. When we … Continue reading

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We made it to Salsomaggiore for tonight’s show at the Devil’s Den which is a really cool little bar run by a Ramones fan named John. After we loaded our stuff in the bar we ate some of their amazing … Continue reading

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