Head played live for the first time 25 years ago. We were fortunate that Girl Trouble let us open for them for our first time playing. 25 years later we’re still both going. I can’t say the same for Quiverpuss. I wish they were still going though. I thought they were good and “Conjure Up A Man” was a great song. Bon counts the first time playing live as the start date for bands but I don’t know. We started practicing almost 2 years before then. We certainly were not ready to play a show at the point.

We keep our streak of playing at least one show a year going when we play The Wanna-Bes reunion show at the Substation off of Leary Way on December 30th.








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Chemicals/No Talents/Head/Primate 5 @ Funhouse(aka El Corazon Lounge) Friday August 7th

No Talents are from France. Chemicals are from Portland. Head and Primate 5 are from Seattle. 

Primate 5 – 930-1010

Head  1025 – 1055

no talents 1110 – 1155

chemicals 1210 – 1245

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Here is the first installment of Head’s ongoing series of rock bands doing touristy stuff in Seattle in the Sixties. Watch as The Doors ride the Monorail downtown then go see the sights from the top of the Space Needle. See Rob Krieger wave at the band while standing outside the Copper Kitchen and Green Onion restaurants. Unfortunately there is no known footage of Jim Morrison eating cotton candy. 

The next installment features Led Zeppelin riding paddle boats at Green Lake  in 1969.

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He Reached

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Rock Concert this Friday Dec 12


We are playing Brian Foss’ b-day party Friday at the Highline which I think is up on Broadway across the street from Dick’s.

Warning Danger (play last)
The Dumps (play first)

more info here

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Touch hangs out with Paul Allen


How did Touch get into the EMP’s We Are 12 premiere today, with no other than Mr. Paul Allen of Allentown Lake Union Village, Seattle, USA?!?!

My, Touch is looking RAMONES-y!

Lookit Touch in the pics!!


IMG_2970.PNG“Touch, I’m told this thing here is my Super Bowl Trophy. Now how ’bout we go take a look at my Jimi Hendrix pants collection”

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This happened


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Happy New Year, World!



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GIRL TROUBLE (record re-release party!) / THE FALL-OUTS / HEAD SAT NOV 23rd CHOP SUEY

Girl Trouble (Hit It Or Quit LP re-release party)
The Fall-Outs
Saturday November 23rd 2013 
10 PM
Chop Suey, Seattle WA

Click here for more info

We first saw Girl Trouble at the now-legendary “Four Bands, Four Bucks” HUB Ballroom show at the UW Campus in February 1989. The bass player had really long hair, looked like a Johnny and Dee Dee Ramone hybrid, and was wearing brown corduroy pants. The guitar player was wearing a Jughead Jones hat and Cousin It was on drums. Some dude who could’ve been Fred Gwynn’s son was singing; to make matters worse (or better, depending on how you look at it) took his shirt off midway through the set and showed people what it’s like. How many gigs from almost 25 years ago can you remember what the band members were wearing?

They made an impression on me. The Giggles had seen them play before at a party somewhere in the Kitsap Peninsula (which Girl Trouble could kill at just as easily as in front of hundreds of hipsters at the University of Washington). They have the enviable gift to work in just about any type of situation.

Not long after that show, I bought the Hit It Or Quit It LP. It was the beginning of what has been a string of five consecutive consistently great albums, along with the other EPs, singles and compilations. You’d be hard pressed to find another band capable of pulling off what Girl Trouble has done over the past 25+ years. Just recently, they debuted a new song called “Blood Makes The Grass Grow”. I told them it sounds like a Girl Trouble song. That’s a good thing. “She No Rattle My Cage”, “Bring on The Dancing Girls” and  “Strictly Sacred” don’t sound anything alike… but they sound like Girl Trouble songs. They have their own distinct sound and style, another enviable trait for any band to have.

So though the purpose of this show is to celebrate the re-release of their 1988 debut LP, it could just as easily be for any of the records in their catalog, and most likely for all the ones to come in the future.

God Bless Girl Trouble and all they stand for.

– Ree Ree / Head


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