Left the hostel from hell and went to a more scenic area of Antwerp for a few hours before heading to Münster.

Another rough night. Fighting sound problems most of the set. As I rained blows upon the sound man, I realized we need to get better about insisting nothing but vocal mikes in small rooms like was done at The Pit’s. Super nice people at the club and great food though.

Great hostel tonight two blocks from the club and across the street from a lake.

Even though this is in Antwerp I think it is actually in the University District.

Nimrods doin the splits. Banner says 3 chords, 1 bass string, No Talent. I think those guys might be bonkos!

Even though we’re in Münster I think this is actually Green Lake.

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Went to the Cologne Cathedral before heading to Antwerp. We played a tight set for the locals but they didn’t dig it. That’s the way it goes. Caroline who set it up was great. Back at another band destroyed hostel that’s missing towels. Why do bands put their stickers on the walls? I think this place was a meat locker. We’re waist deep in the big muddy.

Four more to go.

Cologne Cathedral

Antwerp Music City

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Kicked it in Kortrijk before high-balling it to Köln. Our gig was at a place called the Sonic Ballroom. If this is a ballroom, then so is Darrells Tavern in Shoreline. We’re staying in the “band flat” upstairs. ‘Nuff said.

More importantly though was the sound was pretty good and we showed the 30 people there what it’s like. We even said fuck it and played Minnesota Strip again after it was met with a rousing round of indifference two nights earlier. This time got better results.

Outside Touch’s Fortress of Solitude, Kortrijk Belgium


Touch surveys the ballroom floor. Notice Ramones Too Tough To Die silhouette on wall behind stage.

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Drove six hours from Hamburg to Kortrijk Belgium and played a club called The Pits. Anyone who followed the garage / budget rock wave of the early 90’s will remember the mummies/ supercharger live at the pits 7″.

Tiny room but fun. We worked out the bugs from the Berlin set and laid it on the locals who seemed to dig it.

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Mach Schau!

When we walked back to the club we could hear Lene Lovich doing “New Toy”as we came inside. We wound up talking to Derv for awhile which was great. Later while killing time in the back, Lene Lovich and another person from her song group came over and checked out what was left of the vegetable platter then walked away. She still looks the same.

We played a different set that went pretty well. We ended with Minnesota Strip that usually does well but the two times we’ve tried it in Europe not so much. We flew too close to the sun. I guess they don’t dig The Dictators over here. Ha!

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I think the club is called Molotow. Lene Lovich is playing the main room and we’re with Derv upstairs. It’s down the street from a bunch of sex clubs. We walked back to the hotel and passed the Kaiserkeller where the Beatles played before moving on to the Star-Club. The street is a tourist trap like Beale Street.

We’re back at the hotel watching German tv show on JVA Prison in Koln. The prisoners sure smoke a lot. Nice hotel room. Heading back to the club soon.

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Went to the Ramones Museum which was very impressive. Flo has amazing stuff on display including the poster from the Norway Center on Queen Anne from 1979. He even hung out at Johnny’s apt in New York and his house in Beverly Hills.

Later we headed over to the first gig. We are still figuring out the subtleties of our set. Derv Gordon delivered the goods.

Head with Derv Gordon

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guten Tag

guten Tag – new 3 song 7″ by HEAD on Evil Clown Records available at the Derv Gordon show tonight.

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Trip to jolly olde England

On our way to the rock concert in Berlin, we stopped off in England to check out the punk situation. Turns out it’s the same as Seattle: dead end yobs on the dole. We also took time to broker peace between the Mods and the Rockers.

Here is an interesting bit of trivia: Cheers is short for Cheerio which is English for Tally-Ho

Here is a photo of one of the world famous double decker buses.

More later

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Heil Head double lp

This happened. Reverse Engineered the cd. Fly over to Europe and pick one up. We don’t have it.


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